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AchieveForum Unveils Four New Digital Learning Solutions to Support Mid-Level Leaders

Boston, MA - December 7, 2016 - AchieveForum, a global leader in turning high potential into high performance, announces four new digital learning offerings. These innovative solutions are designed to help mid-level leaders excel in driving team performance in today’s fast paced, complex, business environments.

These new solutions are built on AchieveForum’s robust digital platform, which allows learners real-time access to the resources and tools they need to improve individual performance and positively impact the entire organization. The digital platform enhances the learning experience by delivering content precisely when and where the learner needs it and provides leaders with tools to measure performance improvement at every organizational level.

“Mid-level managers are critical to the success of any organization because they work more closely with the majority of the workforce,” said Russ Becker, chief executive officer at AchieveForum. “Our new digital solutions are geared toward helping mid-level managers solve the complex challenges that arise every day in a manner consistent with the goals and strategy of their organization. This alignment in turn can have a sweeping impact on the overall success of their business.”

The new digital solutions are:

  • Dilemma Management. Allows leaders to learn and apply a focused, collaborative approach for analyzing complex business issues and build strategies that drive results.
  • Adapting to Constant Change. Enables leaders to learn and apply skills for adapting to constant change and uncertainty while delivering high levels of performance through self-assessment, discussion, video and experiential activity.
  • Influencing Outcomes Through Others. Improves leaders’ ability to prepare and communicate in ways that persuade and inspire others to act differently.
  • Delegating for Shared Success. Help leaders learn to delegate in a way that gets results while serving the interests of the organization and employees through strategies for to-the-point planning, two-way conversations and follow-through. 

Each AchieveForum solution is supported by the latest technology and includes assessment and measurement capabilities to drive higher performance and better outcomes.  Content for every solution is delivered through a robust digital platform to give learners what they need when they need it most, providing real-time access to resources and tools leaders need to strengthen performance.

About AchieveForum

AchieveForum delivers leadership solutions that are designed for the customer and are built on more than 45 years of global experience. Our tailored learning solutions are created with purpose and driven by innovation to help organizations effectively develop leaders to execute on their business strategies. We provide clients with practical and research-based solutions that mobilize employees, accelerate business initiative implementation and improve agility. For more information, go to

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