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Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is a global provider of corporate learning and development services. Ranked #1 in the world in custom executive education by both the Financial Times and BusinessWeek for 10 straight years, Duke CE makes a difference by bringing new insights to problems, using innovative, engaging learning methods and enabling leaders to raise their games and have real impact where it counts – back at work.

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Learning at Work

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Global Learning Resource Network

To meet the broad range of client needs and preferences, and to provide global consistency in a local deliverable, we can draw on a network with far greater reach than Duke's own faculty or those of our partner schools. We have developed a global network of educators including faculty, coaches, facilitators, industry experts, retired executives and others, to provide the right expertise, experience, and price point to meet the needs of each client engagement. We have worked with over 900 educators from more than 25 countries in order to create an educator team with the right content, methods, industry experience, culture, and budget.


Innovative Methods

Duke CE has pioneered and enjoyed great success with innovative non-traditional experiential learning approaches such as the Metaphoric Experience™ learning method. We also use action learning, tool-based or process-based methodologies and just-in-time coaching in addition to making the more traditional business classroom an energizing and enriching place. Selecting learning methods, like selecting educators, is based on understanding our client's goals and context.

We start by asking,
"what will work?" rather than
"what do we have?"

selecting methods

Insight • Innovation • Impact

Our focus is on customizing to outcomes, bringing new insights to problems, and using innovative, engaging learning methods. We enable individuals and organizations to raise their games and have real impact where it counts – back at work. At Duke CE, our mission is to prepare leaders to face new challenges, solve more complex business issues and shape a brighter future for their organizations. We’re working in all corners of the world developing new insights and building capabilities that will enable us to make a difference. We strive to be a place that matters to our employees—where each person believes they are part of something bigger, something producing a lasting impact.

Clients Around the World

Working from six offices globally, we have delivered programs in 69 different countries.

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