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  • Benefits to Applying Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    There are several factors motivating the transition from classroom instructor-led training (ILT) to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). While VILT has increased in familiarity and respectability, the classroom environment remains the...

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  • MicroTek and Skytap Partner to Deliver Virtual Learning Labs for the Next Generation Classroom

  • Learning Technologies
  • Top 3 Reasons Why SOPs in SharePoint Can Solve Your Compliance Woes

    Do you know what Sony, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, eBay and Target all have in common? Each one of these businesses have been added to the “Worst Data Breaches of...

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  • Australian RWWA uses IMC Learning Suite for Compliance Training

  • Learning Technologies
  • Virtual Learning Environments: User-Centric, Not Compliance-Centric

    Life today is increasingly virtual, networked and global. Training practices and methods have changed to keep pace with this evolution, but not as drastically as you might...

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  • RedVector Launches New Online Safety Training

  • Learning Technologies
  • 5 New Trends in Learning Management Software

    As global talent shortages are creating unprecedented demand for in-house skill development, learning management systems are taking center stage in talent development...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Going Virtual: Moving Classrooms Online

    The latest research and statistics show that today’s learners are distracted and overworked. They’re asked to do more with less time, money and resources. On the training front, there’s a...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Enhance Employee Development

    As a company evolves, learning and development initiatives must adapt to stay effective. By supplementing classroom-based training, providing on-demand access to all staff, and offering a value-added employee benefit, online...

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  • Allen Communication Partners with Cegos to Expand Offerings

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