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  • Best Practices for Effective Teaching & Learning Focus of Summer 2010 Educators' Technology Clinics

  • Learning Technologies
  • Purdue University Deploys 802.11n WiFi Network to Enhance Learning

    Even at competitive universities, it’s much easier to engage students in online social-media outlets like Facebook (News - Alert) than in complex, challenging subject...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Unifying Learning Technologies

    The University of Strathclyde Glasgow is tackling technology on two fronts right now, with a Moodle implementation currently underway and Learning Technologies Partnership Network coming...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Drive Business Outcomes with an HR Talent Platform in Any Economy

    It is commonly understand that the execution of HR processes has a monumental impact on the bottom line of business outcomes. While many organizations out there are still recording such...

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  • Learning Technologies
  • A New Era for Accessibility

    An impressive wave of computer-based technologies will soon help millions of people with disabilities communicate, learn, and become more productive workers. Learning professionals are invited to catch this global...

  • Learning Technologies
  • 'Virtual reality' learning to debut in Balto. Co.

    "Virtual instruction" is set to become a regular part of learning this fall in a Baltimore County...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Can We Gauge Technology's Impact on Learning Outcomes?

    The ongoing debate as to the effectiveness of technology use for student learning outcomes still seems to have no clear answers. Recently, some universities have decided to end their laptop...

  • Learning Technologies
  • New Technologies for Essential Learning

    If anything can be said with certainty about the future of education in a roller-coaster world, it is that we must educate students to deal with uncertainty...

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  • Learning Technologies
  • Training Adapts to the Downturn

    During economic downturns, training dollars usually are a tempting line item to cut. But in this downturn—at some companies, at least—there appears to be a different approach at work. One...

  • Learning Technologies
  • U.S. Army Pays $17.7 Million for New Training Sim

    The U.S. Army is paying a total of $17.7 million for the development of a new training simulation game. The new title will supplement the Army's existing training sim, DARWARS...

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