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September 15, 2010

Go beyond static presentations with Adobe® Captivate® 5 software

One of the biggest challenges for eLearning professionals today is to create content that can engage and retain learners as much as the vibrant virtual world they inhabit, with all its many distractions and possibilities. Static slide presentations are no longer enough, but without the technical knowledge for advanced authoring tools, most eLearning professionals resort to tools that are simply not versatile. With Adobe Captivate 5 software, you can move from traditional slides to rapidly authoring content, enriching it with multimedia and interactivity, publishing it to multiple output formats, and maintaining it easily.

Leverage legacy slide-based content with a roundtripping workflow, add complex multimedia and interactivity to attract and involve users, and create branching scenarios so that users learn from seeing the consequences of their own actions. Reach users anywhere, by delivering content to desktops, mobile devices, and Learning Management Systems, and update content easier than ever before, all without programming skills.

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