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January 26, 2010

Xerox Powering Learning with Adobe Connect

XEROX, Global business process and document technology leader, uses Adobe Connect to deliver rapid, secure training and support to thousands of employees and customers worldwide

xeroxAs Xerox’s technology becomes more complex, agile, and powerful, it becomes increasingly important for the company to train sales, service, and support staff around the world how to use and service the company’s solutions. However, traditional means of delivering such specialized training to globally disparate audiences proved costly and inefficient.

“Bringing staff together for ongoing classroom learning was expensive and could be a drain on productivity because of the out-of-office time employees spent traveling,” says Carie Blum, program manager of global learning solutions and applications at Xerox. “Adding to our challenge was the fact that we needed to occasionally deliver large-scale training across multiple geographies and languages.”

Read the full case study to see how Xerox achieved 100% ROI in one quarter leveraging Adobe Connect.

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