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October 25, 2011

Re-Engineering the Sales Process

As a training professional, you know the value of "selling" your company's products and services. And a knowledgeable and trained sales organization helps to ultimately drive more revenue.

But sadly, most sales training programs do not meet the needs of today's business. According to Brandon Hall Group, effective sales training can increase close rates and customer satisfaction, and reduce the cost of sales by up to 20%.

Download this Brandon Hall Group white paper to learn how to create "training opportunities" that support and drive sales.

  1. Increase training relevance with "real world" scenarios that support the sales process
  2. Reduce costs with self-paced, on-demand training programs
  3. Meet the needs of your fast paced sales organization with just-in-time learning opportunities


Also available for download is The Ideal Learning Management System for Multimedia Learning white paper authored by Brandon Hall. Check it out today!

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