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December 14, 2011

Why is Training So Hard?


With rapidly changing technologies and regulations, effective training today is more important than ever. But with the increased complexity of the corporate world, efficient training has become more difficult. Companies today are faced with multiple challenges in the quest to provide optimal training for their employees, partners and customers.

Resource Limitations

A centralized training program is vital to maintain consistency. However, relying solely on in-person training weighs heavily on limited budgets.  Employee productivity is sacrificed as their time and energy is spent in unnecessary travel. Employee turnover leads to repetitive initial training classes and frustration for training personnel. And often, companies don’t have an easy way to evaluate the success or failure of trainees.


What is the point of providing training if you can’t measure its effectiveness?  All of these issues lead to duplicated efforts, wasted time and higher costs for training.  Company leaders are overwhelmed and consider training difficult and problematic..

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5 key features to an efficient and effective online training platform 

  1. Efficiency: Ability to use existing training materials (PowerPoint, Word, audio, video, PDF) to create your Web courses.
  2. Consistency: Your tool should be able to be used in multiple locations and adapted in multiple languages.
  3. Ease-of-use: Keep IT out of it! With today’s advanced cloud computing capabilities, avoid any platform that requires you to download software.
  4. Convenience: Your training should be accessible to all employees with a computer and internet access.
  5. Verification: A training platform should let you easily create evaluations and quizzes to determine success or failure of your program.

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