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Intrepid Platform

Learner-First Technology for Business Results

Intrepid’s Learning Experience Platform empowers the individual learner and drives organizational impact. Leadership, sales enablement, change management, onboarding, customer education—all your critical business priorities can be met at scale with our consumer-grade collaborative online learning experiences.

Client Testimonial

“To support our cloud-first mobile-first business transformation, we developed a course for our global sales professionals leveraging Intrepid’s platform in a Corporate MOOC model, and have been running it for nearly a year now. This sales enablement program delivered on Intrepid Learning’s technology is one of the highest rated and most engaging our Sales and Marketing Readiness Group (SMSGR) has ever seen. Period. I’ve never seen so much buzz at the senior levels about a learning technology. The mobile-first, contemporary design, deeply integrated social discussions and real-world assignments have led to absolutely thrilling levels of seller engagement — all of which is directly supporting our transformation. And the Intrepid platform has allowed us to move at the speed of modern business.”

—Chris Pirie, General Manager Microsoft SMSG Readiness, former ATD Chair

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SaaS platform with anytime, anywhere, any device flexibility.

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Responsive, elegant, and intuitive design.

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Thoughtfully-designed administrative experience.

Impactful for a variety of corporate learning goals

Continuous Learning Journey Continuous Learning Journeys
Self Directed Learning Experience Self-Directed Learning Experiences
Prepare Extend Workshops Prepare for and Extend In-Person Workshops
Collaborative Corporate MOOC Collaborative Coorporate MOOC's


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 At Intrepid Learning, we believe:

  • The learner experience comes first
  • Learning should be practical and seamlessly connected to “real work”
  • Social and collaborative features must be fully integrated into the learning experience

Benefits & Capabilities

The learning experience is at the heart of Intrepid’s consumer-grade design, with all the motivating social and collaborative elements of modern training fully integrated in one coherent platform.

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  • Short-form content (video, documents, audio, links, etc.)
  • Missions (real-world practice through guided assignments)
  • Gamification & badges
  • Learning paths
  • Projects & peer review
  • Assessments
  • Social & collaborative features
  • Timeline
  • Newsfeed
  • Cohort and user types
  • Prerequisites options
  • Moderator curation
  • Syllabus panel
  • Dashoboards and reporting
  • Reference library

Learn More about Intrepid Learning

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Read a few of our client success stories.

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Visit our Learning Library for Intrepid’s thought leadership and news.

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Watch a video introduction to our platform’s features & capabilities.

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