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  • Nanomedicine: Rethinking Medical TrainingExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    A change in perspective and an expansion in knowledge are required if society is to benefit from nanomedical products. As more products become a reality, the current concept of "disease" may be set to undergo a paradigm shift. Nanotechnology is ...…
  • Five Strategies for Increased Patient SatisfactionExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Improving patient service (and those all important satisfaction scores) takes careful planning and attention, and focused execution. It's something most health care organizations struggle to improve, but there are several things you can do to set your service improvement initiative...…
  • The Win-Win of Wellness in the WorkplaceExternal Link

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    Health care, as an employee benefit, is one of the fastest rising and most seemingly uncontrollable costs facing employers today. In 2005, health care spending rose nearly 7%, twice the rate of inflation in this country. Employers must look for...…
  • Outpatient Imaging Reports TAT Cut from 64 to 9 HoursExternal Link

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    Competition in the outpatient imaging center market is intense. One northern California hospital that operates multiple imaging centers created a program to listen to their customer feedback and develop a roadmap for improvement. A laundry list of improvement ideas was...…
  • Insights and Advice From Top DDI Consultants on Health Care Talent Management TrendsExternal Link

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    Across the country and regardless of size or budget, health care organizations face a number of commonalities and challenges. Our DDI consultants-who've seen it all-offer their perspectives and advice for HR professionals working in the health care...…
  • Re-Engineering HealthcareExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    The system is in need of repair in the United States, and engineers are uniquely equipped to help fix it. Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States. The national expenditure is estimated to be $2.17 trillion in 2006,...…
  • Lean & Six Sigma: Fixing Healthcare a Process at a TimeExternal Link

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    With so many different issues facing the U.S. healthcare system the task of "fixing" it can seem insurmountable. Every healthcare executive knows the litany of challenges: rising costs, inadequate insurance coverage, capacity constraints, patient safety concerns, workforce shortages, increased competition,...…

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