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November 1, 2011

Six Proven Motivators For All Salespeople

Why do salespeople sell?

Simply put, for their own reasons. Or should we say for their own motivators (also referred to as values).

If a salesperson is very enthusiastic about selling their products or services, it's likely that this role is aligned closely with their personal motivators. These motivators were established by the time they reached eighteen years old. If the same salesperson were placed into a role that was not aligned with their personal motivators, they would not be nearly as enthusiastic or 'driven' to sell. Here's a critical point; that same salesperson might be exceptionally skilled at professional selling. They may have been through the best training, have years of experience and proven results consistent with high achievers. However, that highly-skilled salesperson will be 'just average' or even a poor performer if their sales role does not 'feed' at least one of their two dominant personal motivators.

To learn the Six Key Motivators,

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