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Is Your Compensation Competitive? New 2012 Report


What are the latest eLearning salary and compensation trends? Which unique variables are having the greatest impact on these trends?

Find answers to issues that organizations and individuals struggle with worldwide in the new 2012 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report from The eLearning Guild.


Is your compensation structure competitive with other organizations in your industry and location?
How much do you need to budget to staff a department in managing a transition to eLearning?


Does your compensation stack up against industry trends?
How could an advanced degree impact your earning potential?

This complimentary report explores current trends in global eLearning pay both worldwide and for specific countries. In addition, the report delves into unique areas of variance across gender, status, designation, and other compensation. The report also evaluates average salaries across employer and employee variables, and includes a salary calculator to help readers compute baseline salaries based on their own unique variables. Download your complimentary copy today.




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