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  • The Evolution of Sales E-Learning

    Although e-learning is an established, effective cost-saving way to upskill employees on a range of content areas, many questions linger about what constitutes effective e-learning in sales organizations. This report...

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  • Influenced by Others: Bases of Power Across Generations

    Although training to help leaders influence work behavior is an area of significant investment for many organizations, the ability of both managers and coworkers to influence employee behavior may not...

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  • Best Practices in Sales Coaching Across the Workforce

    Coaching provides vital opportunities for training follow-up and on-the-job learning, helping to close the gap between L&D and in-role performance. How are organizations leveraging such programs to support sales operations? To...

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  • Organizational Risk and the Role of Training

    In many industries, routine operations can carry a high cost of failure and often depend on industry expertise to navigate strategies for mitigating and controlling risk. How do companies leverage...

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  • The Next Generation Classroom: Virtual/Hybrid Instructor-Led Training

    The cost of bringing employees together in a physical classroom has fostered an increasing reliance on instructional technology to deliver training. How are companies leveraging such technologies to bring the...

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  • Enabling Virtual Learning Content for Employees, Partners, and Customers

    How are companies meeting today’s L&D onboarding needs and adapting to the virtual delivery of training content? To explore this topic, Xerox Learning Solutions and Training Industry, Inc. surveyed a total...

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  • Digital Readiness: How Companies are Preparing Their Workforce for Tomorrow

    The ability to use a computer is a necessity in nearly all occupations, but not all employees are proficient when it comes to the use of technology. How are companies...

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  • Influence in Leadership Development: Bases of Power in Modern Organizations

    The power to shape behavior through influence is a crucial ability for leaders in organizations. But how is influence in leadership currently being developed and utilized in organizations? To explore this...

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  • Sourcing Training Solutions: Best Practices for the Best Partnerships

    Training and development has been identified as a key area for companies to build capability and sustain training ROI, and external training providers have been a strategic asset to many...

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  • Driving Change with Sales Training for a Multigenerational Workforce

    Sales training is vital to firm performance and effectiveness, particularly during periods of organizational change where new skills and roles, or dynamic market factors, need to be addressed to maintain...


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