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  • Enabling Virtual Learning Content for Employees, Partners, and Customers

    How are companies meeting today’s L&D onboarding needs and adapting to the virtual delivery of training content? To explore this topic, Xerox Learning Solutions and Training Industry, Inc. surveyed a total...

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  • Digital Readiness: How Companies are Preparing Their Workforce for Tomorrow

    The ability to use a computer is a necessity in nearly all occupations, but not all employees are proficient when it comes to the use of technology. How are companies...

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  • Influence in Leadership Development: Bases of Power in Modern Organizations

    The power to shape behavior through influence is a crucial ability for leaders in organizations. But how is influence in leadership currently being developed and utilized in organizations? To explore this...

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  • Sourcing Training Solutions: Best Practices for the Best Partnerships

    Training and development has been identified as a key area for companies to build capability and sustain training ROI, and external training providers have been a strategic asset to many...

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  • Driving Change with Sales Training for a Multigenerational Workforce

    Sales training is vital to firm performance and effectiveness, particularly during periods of organizational change where new skills and roles, or dynamic market factors, need to be addressed to maintain...

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  • Best Practices in Design and Delivery of Sales Training Programs

    Sales training and sales effectiveness has been a cornerstone of many organizations’ strategies to increase revenue and drive efficiency. However, the landscape of sales training is subject to constant change...

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  • Training Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

    The percentage of the global workforce over age 65 is growing rapidly, leading to their inevitable retirement and a need for effective onboarding, knowledge capture, and knowledge transfer processes. Skills...

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  • Developing Courage in the Workplace

    Organizations rely on employees to display courage when completing job tasks and interacting with customers, team members and subordinates. Courage plays a pivotal role in ensuring company representatives accurately reflect...

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  • Digital Content Delivery Platforms

    More than half of organizations use digital delivery platforms in training. This research looks at responses from 280 companies and highlights their use of digital platforms.

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  • Using Virtual Environments for Leadership Development

    With estimates of organizational spending exceeding $2 billion annually on leadership training, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is critical. By utilizing virtual environments, organizations have the potential to address this...


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