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  • Using Virtual Environments for Leadership Development

    With estimates of organizational spending exceeding $2 billion annually on leadership training, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is critical. By utilizing virtual environments, organizations have the potential to address this...

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  • Essential Elements of a World-Class Sales Coaching Program

    While close to 90% of organizations provide some form of coaching to their sales representatives, these programs’ effectiveness varies considerably. This report summarizes research investigating differences in approaches used by...

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  • Strategies for Sustaining the Impact of Sales Training

    Organizations invest substantially in sales training and development. With estimates of the global sales training market exceeding $2 billion annually, the importance of sustaining the impact of that investment cannot...

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  • The Guide to Sustaining the Impact of Sales Training

    Corporations rely on their sales organizations to not only drive revenue, but to create valuable relationships with decision-makers within their industry. To do so, many companies invest heavily in the...

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  • Leading Technical Professionals

    With the global economy shifting to one that is driven by human talent, corporations are becoming increasingly reliant on highly-skilled, technical employees. Despite the prevalence and importance of technical roles...

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  • Onboarding and Knowledge Transfer Challenges & Best Practices

    Effective onboarding and knowledge transfer programs are essential to the success of any organization. Successful organizations focus not only on the speed and efficiency with which new and transitioning employees...

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  • Developing Exceptional Sales Professionals

    Sales Professionals carry a range of responsibilities, but they are ultimately expected to drive revenue and company growth. To understand which sales skills are producing measurable results, Executive Conversation, Inc...

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  • Training’s Role in the Implementation of Strategic Sales Initiatives

    Does your company struggle with how to effectively leverage your training organization for strategic sales initiatives? Richardson and Training Industry, Inc. surveyed 174 learning leaders to explore training’s role in...

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  • Supporting Training for Important Change Initiatives

    Implementing important change initiatives can make even the seasoned professional shudder, and oftentimes training is involved too late in the process or becomes a mere afterthought.  Many learning leaders question...

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  • Leveraging User Generated Content for Performance Improvement

    A growing number of companies are planning to employ user-generated content in support of training or performance improvement initiatives in the future – and many are already doing so. This...


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