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  • Professional Education
  • What Your CFO Wants You to Know: How Business Acumen Can Help You Communicate with Your CFO

    Your CFO doesn’t expect you to have a finance degree, just like you don’t expect them to have an HR degree. But they do expect you to be able to...

  • Professional Education
  • Are Training Managers Focusing on the Right Things?

    Training managers are pivotal to training organization success. But what does the training manager role entail, and where should training managers focus their attention?

  • Professional Education
  • When it Really Matters, Show the Leadership Flag: In-Person and Online Compliance Training

    Research shows that live, in-person training is more effective than self-directed training for certain content and that the visible presence of senior leaders significantly increases effectiveness.

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  • Partners with The Data Incubator to Deliver Enterprise Data Science Curriculum

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  • Kate Lander Joins Eukleia Training as Chief Strategy Officer

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  • MTI Business Solutions Designated as Approved Continuing Education Provider for the American Staffing Association (ASA)

  • Professional Education
  • Augmented Intelligence in the Finance Industry: AI, Big Data and Robo-Advice

    Augmented intelligence is changing the finance industry, and training for finance professionals must reflect those changes.

  • Professional Education
  • Baseball’s Training Lessons for Businesses: 3 Steps to a Successful Professional Development Program

    Employers would do well to take a cue from baseball and treat their training program as a competitive differentiator.

  • Professional Education
  • The Challenges of Executive Education

    It’s not enough to simply digitalize your offering; new ways of passing on knowledge must be considered, including educational after-sales service, co-development, follow-up and on-demand virtual classes.

  • Professional Education
  • 5 Steps to Include Certifications in Training Programs

    Certifications allow you to attract top talent while giving current employees the opportunity to expand their skills and learn.

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