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Give The Free Gift Of Mentorship This Holiday Season To A Veteran On New Platform Veterati

Princeton, NJ - December 15, 2016 - Veterati has launched a digital platform for veterans and military spouses to access mentorship-on-demand from successful professionals across the nation. Since more than 80% of jobs are unpublished and exist solely within personal networks, Veterati focuses on mentorship as a primary means to discovering career options and securing real jobs. With Verizon as an inaugural client, the vision for Veterati is on track to become a driver of hope for Veterans coming home from active duty.

The Veterati mission is to create mentorship conversations between 1.5 million transitioning veterans to the 100 million Americans currently employed across America to secure meaningful post-military careers for our veterans. Survey after survey of top traits employers are seeking are ingrained by the military in their soldiers: leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, 21-year olds responsible for not just financial spreadsheets but their brother and sisters living or dying by the quality of their work. 1.5m Veterans transitioning, 5.5m Military spouses unemployed or underemployed.

"We created Veterati because freedom is not free and there must be a social contract between the private sector and our veterans coming home," says Diana Tsai, CEO of Veterati. "Security, prosperity, comes at a price. That price is millions of American lives, soldiers and their families that give up creature comforts to ensure that WE can keep building, inventing, prospering- in a peaceful society."

After launching a successful pilot program in November 2015, Veterati opened the platform to Service Members, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Mentors across the country. Since opening, mentees have been averaging 3.7 mentor calls per active user. 98% of mentors report they want to mentor again. Compared with competitors charging job applicants for career coaching and guidance, Veterati has already provided $300,000+ worth of free mentorship to Veterans and Military spouses, and that number is rapidly rising.

About Veterati
Launched in late 2015, Veterati gives every American an opportunity to become part of the solution to getting Veterans & Military spouse's meaningful careers. In a matter of minutes, the Veterati platform can build Veterans a cabinet of unlimited mentors. With the help of individuals in the private sector, Veterans are empowered with a cabinet of individuals, CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, all in their corner, advising them on their job search, connecting them to their networks. That's the collective power of mentorship. It takes a village.

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