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  • Accelerating Sales Hire Ramp-Up Time

    A comprehensive sales onboarding program can shorten ramp-up period, ensure sales success and reduce turnover. This white paper discusses steps to get the best results from your new sales hires

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  • Aligning Sales Competencies in Learning and Development

    The context of selling and the tools of the trade have been forever transformed by technology, globalization and always-on connectivity. The sales cycle, too, has changed, with customers conducting web...

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  • Brainshark Enters 2017 With New Customers Across Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial Services Industries

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  • Ignite Your Value System for Breakthrough Business Results in 2017

    As companies are set to execute their 2017 strategic goals, we’ve heard from many executives, especially in L&D, who are concerned about whether their organization is properly aligned and has...

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  • Market-Leading Gamification Performance Management Solution Sparta Launches in the UK

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  • 5 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team in 2017

    In 2017, sales manager effectiveness will largely be measured by the ability to motivate and inspire each salesperson to produce at higher levels. Here are five strategies to achieve consistent...

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  • Carew International Announces Partnership with ProActivate Sales Talent Acquisition Firm

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  • Sales Learning Trends: What to Watch For in 2017

    Each year brings new sales trends to watch for, from how reps engage with prospects to how increasingly empowered buyers prefer to close deals. Because technology plays an enormous role...

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  • How to Get Better Results From Sales Training

    With business’ rapid rate of change, sales training can no longer be a once-in-a while phenomenon. Instead, it should be a continuous effort that updates learners about new product features...

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  • Competencies of Top-Performing Strategic Account Managers

    This study of 397 respondents from companies with formal strategic account management organizations reveals that top performers operate very differently than others to achieve much stronger results and has important...

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