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  • 3 Signs Big Changes from the Top Will Only Have a Small Impact on Sales Force Performance

    The paradox of many sales transformation initiatives that originate with executive leadership is that they are thorough, justified by a strong business case, and well thought out, but completely unexecutable

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  • How Does Schema Influence Your Customer’s Decisions?

    How often have we looked back after we made the decision and questioned why it was so difficult? There is a good possibility that aspects of the decision were not...

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  • MHI Global Expands Consulting Capabilities

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  • How Does Your Sales Training Stack Up Against Top Performers?

    One of the enjoyable parts of my job is I get to see what dozens of companies do—and do differently—for sales training. Some are amazingly effective, and some bash their...

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  • Corporate Visions Survey Reveals Top Challenges in B2B Sales Negotiations: Inability to Articulate Value and Lack of Faith in Solution Value

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  • What Your Sales Team Needs to Know

    Ongoing sales training is essential for every organization. Sales are a unique and ever-changing skill; however, sales programs are too often standardized and forgotten.

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  • Factors that Impede the Growth of the Mid-Level Performer

    My firm was engaged to assess what impedes upon the growth of a mid-level performer. The study was conducted over a period of 18 months and included over 1,000 salespeople...

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  • Silent Edge to sign a Global Partnership with Leading Sales Training Organization, Richardson

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  • Account Planning for 2016: The Five Questions You Need to Ask

    Don’t wait until January. Start now and get ahead on account planning for growth in 2016.

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  • Satisfied Customers Don’t Just Happen

    Why do some businesses thrive and others struggle? There are countless possible reasons including location, product selection, marketing and investment capital. However, oftentimes it’s the way customers are treated.

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