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  • WhiteboardSelling and Mandel Communications Announce Strategic Partnership

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  • DePaul University Adds Spark! to Business School Curriculum

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  • Cross-Selling & Up-Selling: Do Your Customers a Favor

    I’m on my favorite on-line bookstore website and after I click on the book I want to add to my cart, a list of other books pops up with the...

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  • Following Up with Clients

    Following up with clients keeps the sales wheels greased. There are several types of “following up” you should be doing; checking in with new clients, keeping lines of communication open...

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  • Handling Objections as a "Trusted Advisor"

    Let’s face it: in the occupation of selling, objections are a part of the game. But here is the good news; objections should not be viewed negatively as most can...

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  • How to Close in a Competitive Market

    As global competition continues to intensify, it’s become harder than ever for sales professionals to differentiate their products or services, build trust and get the customer to commit. Furthermore, it...

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  • TI Exclusive

    Apply Metrics to Field Force Coaching and Increase Sales

    Sales organizations can increase revenue when they focus on improving how their salespeople interact with prospects and customers. Some companies struggle to effectively coach salespeople for improved sales call impact...

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  • Corporate Visions Reports Fourth Straight Year of Record Growth

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  • TI Exclusive

    12 Sales Management Tips for 2012

    Don’t become a “rainbird coach.” I had a neighbor who would wait until his lawn had turned brown, and only then turn on his rainbird water sprinkler. I see a lot of...

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  • BayGroup International Announces Expanded Capabilities in Russian, Turkish, and Polish

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