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  • Sales
  • Qualifying Prospects

    The goal of qualifying is to give yourself a better than 50 percent chance of closing the sale. My qualification process focuses on getting the right information from the prospect...

  • Sales
  • How Come No One is Buying my Chocolate

    We recently had an email from a sales person who had a predicament. His company sells chocolates to retail stores. Not only standard chocolate mind you, but all shapes and...

  • Sales
  • Everyone Wants Different Results - But Few Want to Change

    When you're in the "change" business like we are at Caskey, we come across a lot of companies/people who say they want different results in the market: more money, more...

  • Sales
  • Self-Coaching

    Salespeople are often alone as they make sales calls. Many say they do not get coached. Most are hungry for good feedback and would benefit greatly from it. By Linda...

  • Sales
  • Practicing what they preach

    Early on in the establishment of his corporate sales training firm, Basho Strategies Inc., Jeff Hoffman learned an important lesson: Someteimes the CEO is the person most ideally suited to...

  • Sales
  • Harrah's Teams Up

    The incentive programs at Las Vegas Meetings by Harrah's Entertainment support a team-oriented sales strategy. By Leo Jakobson,, October...

  • Sales
  • Focus Your Marketing

    You've probably heard the old marketing maxim that says 50 percent of all advertising is wasted. Don't believe it. It's a lot more than just 50 percent. By Robert Grede,,...

  • Sales
  • A Hostage Situation?: Customer Loyalty

    Apple Inc.'s decision to cut the price of the iPhone required some delicate handling: The potential customers that might be attracted by the lower $399 price tag instead of the...

  • Sales
  • Dale Carnegie - The Man, The Myth, The Message

    "You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you...

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