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  • A New Look at Time Managmenet

    The term "Time management" is a common oxymoron. Nothing we can do will manage the inexorable "march of time" into eternity. We can, however, manage the activities we choose to...

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  • They Were Not Interested

    Perhaps every one of us has used this explanation on occasion when justifying a "dead end" sales meeting. Whereas this could be a true statement, it also implies other things...

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  • Defining Consultative Selling

    Today Consultative Selling is almost a household word. It is an approach to selling in which customer needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue. When the word...

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  • Inclusion: Creating a Customer Advisory Group

    No matter how much the world of business may change, one factor will never change: Your most valuable sources of information are your customers. They will tell you what you're...

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  • Understanding Needs Does Not Close a Sales

    This past week I placed 700 cold calls. That's right. Seven hundred. Count 'em. I have been seeking visionary sales training managers that have interest in licensing new program content...

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  • The Spiritual Capitalist Approach

    The business philosophy of spiritual capitalism is equated with quantum performance. What are some examples of this contrarian APPROACH? By Michael E. ...

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  • Will You Pass the Sales Flinch Test?

    After a lengthy buying process, the time has come to submit pricing. Proud of your accomplishment, you present the proposal to the buyer. Skipping the sections about your company and...

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  • Auto Sales Training in the 21st Century

    Auto sales training is definitely not what it used to be. In the 70-s, you could walk onto an auto dealers showroom floor, ask for a job and be selling a car...

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  • Are Sales Stars Made or Born?

    Last week I was chatting with John Asher of Asher Training. He has data, based upon personality and character testing, proving that about 50 percent of success in sales is...

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  • How to Change Your Emotional State

    Your physiology is in a feedback loop with your emotions. For example, if you are depressed, your body will consistently slump and slouch, which will influence your body to become...

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