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  • Driving Revenue by Empowering Technical Pre-Sales through E-learningPDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Executive Summary: Technical Pre-Sales Support operations are usually ripe for improvement and can have a significant measurable business impact. To what degree might this operational improvement impact shareholder value? The answer depends on the financial tradeoffs between various enablement approaches: On-site deployment and...…
  • Sales 2.0 Discussion Paper: Where Sales & Marketing CollidePDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    A recent discussion on the Sales 2.0 Network ( exposed some passionately held views and deep insights that illuminate the polarized views of the sales and marketing functions. There’s a lot to learn here. In this article we’ve combined the...…
  • Do You Want to be Prepared When the Economy Turns Good?PDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Do athletic teams show up on Game Day and shoot from the hip? No way. They spend all week practicing, watching films and studying plays before the big game – why? – because, on Game Day they know what to...…
  • How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Sales Training Solution

    Training Industry Content Item
    Everyone wants to increase sales. After all, the more you sell, the happier everyone is. It’s that simple. What’s not so simple is selecting the right sales training solution for getting the most out of your sales team. Making sure your sales...…
  • We Need Sales Today (Or There's No Tomorrow to Worry About)PDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    These are the times of great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. For many, the wolf is huffing and puffing at the door. The question of the moment is, “How do we increase sales and lower our cost today?”...…
  • THE VENDOR PROBLEM: managing buy-in from the outside

    Training Industry Content Item
    I don't know about what it's like for you as a vendor. But for me, it's become a hard place to be. This fact was brought home to me lately after spending the better part of a year working toward securing...…
  • Drain it

    Training Industry Content Item
    Believe it or not, that humorous bit of wisdom has transformed my life for the better, and if you occasionally suffer from anger caused by bitter memories of arguments and unjustified accusations, it can do the same for you. Let...…

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