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  • Managers Who Coach Effectively Are Key to Driving Stronger Business Results

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  • Digital Marketing Institute Expands its U.S. Partner Network with AA-ISP Agreement

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  • Why Receptivity to Sales Training is Often Lukewarm

    Salespeople and sales managers have been trained and retrained, often on the same topics, because sales leaders frequently look for quick fixes to deeper sales organization problems. Explore three reasons...

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  • Accelerating Sales Hire Ramp-Up Time

    The ramp-up time for new sales reps is typically six months or longer, and on average, sales reps stay in their positions for fewer than two...

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  • The Role of Sales Leadership in Driving Change on the Front Line

    It is common knowledge that front-line sales managers are the key to creating change in the behavior of sales people. It makes perfect sense that changes in sales manager practices...

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  • Acquirent Launches Online Sales Training Services

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  • Your Leadership Brand: Standing Out in the Sales Field

    A day-in-the-life of a sales pro is consumed with making calls, generating and nurturing leads, developing and delivering proposals, negotiating offers, and of course closing...

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  • Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players, Part 2

    Can your sales team identify Poker Players? A growing trend in procurement today is the ability to play poker. Procurement has learned that by masking their true buying criteria they are...

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  • The Brooks Group Wins $6 Million Contract to Support the Marine Corps

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  • The High-Impact Sales Manager

    In “The High-Impact Sales Manager,” you’ll learn how to transcend the daily grind and unlock the full potential of your sales...

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