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  • Repetitive Skill Practice: Blending Experiential Learning & Technology

    Nothing takes the place of repetitive skill practice to prepare people to perform their jobs effectively. At most companies, the skills that we want our employees to demonstrate in their...

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  • 7 Questions an Out-Sourced Trainer Must Answer to Your Satisfaction

    The following is a list of the most frequent concerns. To help ensure that you make a safe and rewarding training investment when you outsource, I’ll provide a synopsis of...

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  • Why Sales Training Often Fails (And What To Do About It)

    After working with hundreds of global companies and nearly one million sales people over the past twenty years, it’s not surprising to see certain recurring organizational patterns. It seems obvious...

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  • Customer Value Focus-Number 7 in the Best Practices of High Performing Sales Teams Article Series

    High performing sales teams discover how their customers define value and then engage and execute accordingly. They recognize that when their sales efforts are focused on the value expectations of...

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  • January Discussion Topic: Loaded Questions

    Your response to a loaded question is often the silent killer of a sale. Review past sales that seemed ready to close and then silently slipped away, and you are likely to...

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