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  • Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players, Part 2

    Can your sales team identify Poker Players? A growing trend in procurement today is the ability to play poker. Procurement has learned that by masking their true buying criteria they are...

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  • The Brooks Group Wins $6 Million Contract to Support the Marine Corps

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  • The High-Impact Sales Manager

    In “The High-Impact Sales Manager,” you’ll learn how to transcend the daily grind and unlock the full potential of your sales team.

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  • The ‘520’ Sales Dilemma

    The ‘520’ sales dilemma. If you are in sales, or you manage those who sell, there is a choice to make. And it’s not about what to do after work...

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  • Integrity Solutions Launches Podcast Series Focused on Values-based Selling and Coaching

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  • Make a Splash by Pushing New Sales Hires into the Deep End

    Summer is approaching and new salespeople are anxious to jump in the pool and swim! But will they sink? The best salespeople want to be in the pool already and...

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  • Richardson Launches Sales Training Program, New Richardson Selling with Insights®

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  • Top Challenges for the Sales Industry in 2016

    It is never too early or late to evaluate the needs of your sales organization, and make changes where needed in response to emerging trends in the marketplace. Richardson’s 2016...

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  • Do Your Questions Differentiate You?

    Critical thinking gets customers out of their box. During my graduate work in training and development, I had the good fortune of taking a psychology class. Toward the middle of...

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  • Using Learning Science to Cure Missed Sales Goals

    It can be frustrating when sales training seems to wear off. You put a lot of effort into a dynamic training program, and just a few weeks down the road...

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