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  • Superior Sales Training Starts With Sales Enablement

A comprehensive sales training program is one of the major building blocks to creating a high-performing sales team. When your reps undergo best-in-class training, their results transition from good to outstanding. Take the first step to maximizing your team’s effectiveness by selecting a sales enablement platform that enriches your sales training goals.

Visualizing Your Content Holistically

Your first priority should be helping your team’s content work together. When your team’s training content is easy to access and presented in the same context as related sales content, you save your team valuable time and energy.

Start by visualizing your sales pipeline from beginning to end. Work backward by analyzing your team’s intended outcome, following the logistical steps to get there and discovering how your training materials play an integral part in every phase. Considering all of your sales materials holistically will help you see that clear path to success from beginning to end, and the beginning will always start with a powerful and effective training method.

Training is an essential component for helping reps make the most of every sales opportunity, and a robust training program begins with a robust sales enablement platform.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to sales training materials, quality will always outmatch quantity. So with a large team, and even larger quantities of marketing content and resources, it’s all the more important to organize and prioritize the sales training materials that matter most.

At a high level, sales training can be segmented into two categories: (1) how to sell and (2) what to sell. Whether your sales experts are looking for the instruction they need to sell well or the product knowledge to master what they want to sell, these two types of content will make or break their sales goals.

Sales teams need a content management system that provides them with a remedy for the information overload they encounter every day. They need best-of-the-best sales excellence materials as well as product and service content if they’re going to reach their goals. With the right sales enablement platform, reps can find the exact training content they need, when and where they need it most.

The bottom line is that when your reps are able to prepare more, they are able to compete better. Content platforms that make the biggest positive difference can deliver pointed, organized content when and where it’s needed, without any manual work or digging on the part of sales reps. A smart sales enablement tool does more than tidy up your sales team’s inboxes, file folders and contact lists; it makes their lives easier and frees time for them to do more of what they do best: sell.

From Standard to Supreme Sales Training Add-Ons

Don’t just stop at training; with the right content management platform, you can support and enhance your sales training materials with additional content from sales leaders, marketing teams or other publishers.

Using these add-ons isn’t just a smart idea; it’s a tried, tested and true approach. As many as 54 percent of top sales leaders support their training with additional educational activities and materials, according to research from Aberdeen Group. Teams do better when they have more quality content to work with, and sometimes, there’s no one better to rely on than their own teammates.

Being part of a large sales team gives reps the means for data-driven collaboration. With enough material to work with, you can prioritize all of your sales content – not just training – with input and feedback from the rest of your team. The benefits, best practices and lessons learned from a teammate’s sales experience is often more valuable than the original content itself.

Why settle for the bare minimum when you can access all of your sales training and more, courtesy of modern sales enablement technologies and processes? Drive clear, measurable results when you combine your sales training materials with the rest of your sales content for smart, simple content management.

Rachel Davidson is a content specialist for Highspot, the sales enablement industry’s leading platform for content management, customer engagement and analytics.

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