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Integrity Solutions helps organizations align attitudes and beliefs around a customer-focused strategy so they can increase sales, strengthen customer relationships, maximize productivity, and retain the best talent. Our values- and ethics-based approach to sales and service has been the competitive advantage for leading organizations around the world.

For more than 45 years across 130+ nations, organizations have selected Integrity Solutions as their partner in achieving mission-critical business results. Our solutions have dramatically increased top performer retention, recruitment, performance, productivity, and goal achievement. We partner with our clients to establish a strong needs-focused, ethics-driven differentiator in the marketplace, creating a competitive, client-relationship-building advantage.

Unlike traditional training, our solutions incorporate structured follow-up that builds accountability and creates behavior change. Along with integrated coaching that engages managers and principles-based content that’s easily applied with all experience levels, our unique learning process improves attitudes and achievement drive, not just skills.


Sales success requires much more than just product knowledge and sales scripts. Over 80% of sales success is based on attitudes, values, and beliefs. Integrity Selling® helps people evaluate these dimensions and identify the gaps that cause conflict, stress, and/or stifled productivity. When each of these dimensions are in balance, achievement drive is released and salespeople are freed to reach their unlimited sales potential.

Congruence -model

Skill vs. Will

Industry Expertise

We have been a leader and innovator in partnering with clients in healthcare (pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and hospitals), financial services (banking, insurance, credit unions, investments, and financial advisors), energy and utilities, and many other industries. We pride ourselves on being able to speak the language of your business. Many of our core offerings have been adapted to address the specific issues, terminology used, and challenges faced by clients in these industries.

Several factors elevate Integrity’s offerings above traditional training:

  • Values and ethics driven – Integrity is in our name and teaching ethical selling it’s woven into everything we do
  • Focus on being customer-centered — Stresses importance of attitudes, motives and values in addition to skills
  • Principles-Based Content —Self-customizes to different job roles, levels of experience, and different types of organizations.
  • Supportive Coaching Component — Engages Managers to model and coach customer-focused sales and service behaviors
  • Structured Learning Process & Reinforcement — Real play vs. role play.. Builds repetition and accountability for applying concepts learned on the job

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