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If you’re frustrated by an unacceptably low percentage of salespeople at quota in your company — and all the pains that these under-performers trigger for you – contact us.

For over two decades we have specialized in the niche of sales manager development and sales training.

Developing Great Sales Team Leaders

A survey of 1500 B2B salespeople asked them to rate how well their sales managers did in 80 categories. The graphic shows you what the managers rated best at and worst at.

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Sales managers were best at wanting their salespeople to be successful but rated dead last in providing the hands-on sales coaching and teaching that salespeople needed to actually get better.

Closing this gap between intent and actions is the goal of TopLine Leadership’s Sales Coaching & Leadership program. Our learning package, which includes workshops, reinforcement, application tools, and 360° results measurement helps solve the most common sales management challenges, including:

  • Sales managers who spend more time selling than coaching
  • Too much fire fighting
  • Inability to assess salesperson performance
  • Holding on to poor performers too long
  • Poor pipeline management and forecasting

Improving Sales Team Skills

The biggest mistake that salespeople make is trying to sell faster than a customer wants to buy. Our sales training program is built around the Slow Down, Sell Faster sales model—an easy-to-use approach that helps sales reps match their selling strategy to customer buying behavior. Sales reps learn how to do a better job in the early steps of selling—developing customer buying needs and their priority requirements—so your salespeople can win on value instead of price alone.

Our program solves problems such as:

  • Reps who “show up and throw up”
  • First meetings with prospects that lead nowhere
  • Frequent price wars with competitors due to poor competitive selling skills
  • Forecasted deals that too often don’t close

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Example Results — Sales Management Training

TopLine Leadership supports 360° evaluations of the impact of our programs. The impact of our Sales Coaching & Leadership program include noticeable improvements in sales manager competency as reported by sales directors in addition to:

  • Self-reported gains by sales managers in skills such as delegation, prioritization, and coaching
  • A trickle-down improvement in sales rep performance because of sales manager training
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