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Clarity Consultants is the leading provider of corporate learning and development consultants. For nearly a quarter century, organizations have turned to Clarity to staff their mission critical projects with elite talent. Our global network of over 35,000 highly skilled consultants offers deep knowledge, low management overhead, and flexibility to scale according to an organization’s unique needs. Our experts work with clients on a project basis, supplementing the talents of their internal staff until goals are achieved, ensuring project success.


Learning and Development

We are passionate about delivering the best L&D solutions to help your organization evaluate strengths, develop talent, train leadership, and manage change.

  • Instructional Design
    Clarity’s instructional design consultants work with your department managers and executive leadership to help develop talent and performance management practices. They are well-versed in the latest trends in talent management, including social media and mobile devices. They are also knowledgeable in other methodologies, including the competitive assessment model and the coaching and development model.

  • Learning Analytics
    Metrics related to the volume, type, and effectiveness of the training courses offered by your organization provide insights into investments in training and development. This is critically important in maintaining an engaged and sustainable workforce, and in aligning your workforce with the strategic objectives of your organization. Clarity’s consultants can assist you with establishing, reporting on, and analyzing valuable learning metrics.

  • Learning Technology
    Organizations increasingly rely on learning technologies to manage their training curriculum and deliver it to employees as well as customers. These technologies also satisfy the compliance and tracking requirements associated with mandatory training in highly regulated industries. Clarity’s learning technology consultants can help you select, implement, customize, and integrate these tools to match your organization’s needs.

  • Organizational Development

    Do you have critical organizational development initiatives but lack the necessary resources to implement them? Clarity Consultants can help you accomplish your goals. We offer on-demand expertise in change management, assessment and analysis, executive leadership development, succession planning, and talent / performance management.

  • Training Delivery

    Whether you need a dynamic trainer to facilitate courses developed internally or acquired through an outside provider, Clarity consultants can facilitate effective knowledge transfer. Our training and facilitation consultants are skilled at adapting their presentation based on the audience and the nature of the training.


Whether you’re looking for distinctive design, digital ingenuity, marketing content, or corporate communications, the Clarity team has the expertise and networks to deliver best-fit consultants every time.

  • Content Development & Management

    Content is the engine of the information economy. Because of its focus on adding value via useful information, it has infiltrated marketing channels and provided powerful new tools for workforce development. But as this development gathers pace, the bar for getting content noticed and consumed gets higher and higher. In such a competitive environment, consistently producing high-value, targeted content becomes imperative. Our content experts can help you create more and better content to fuel your marketing program, raise funds, or rejuvenate your curriculum.

  • Corporate Communications

    Image. Reputation. Responsiveness. Since they’re all still central to a company’s success, effective corporate communications is as important as it’s ever been. No company can afford to be found lacking when a problematic ‘incident’ requires a skillful response. Nor can modern businesses do without a carefully managed flow of information to media outlets. If you would benefit from timely advice in times of stress, assistance with creating a corporate communications strategy, or professional development for your team, our consultants can deliver the help you need within the tight time frames that come with the territory.

  • Design & Production

    With the advent of the digital age, design and production have become more important than ever. The overwhelming popularity of image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest provides just one example of the power and exponential growth of visual communications. This cultural shift also creates increasingly sophisticated audiences, which makes top-quality design and production a ‘must-have’ for every business. Our consultants’ expertise covers the full range of skills for both digital and print, including graphics, illustration, production work, packaging, animation and much more.

  • Digital & Interactive Marketing

    Great design and a strong online presence are essential, but if the underlying technology is faulty it can damage your brand and your business. Confusing websites, videos that won’t start, and emails that are unreadable on mobiles are just a few examples of how things can go wrong. That’s where our digital and interactive marketing consultants come in. These are the developers, producers, and editors who will make sure your digital infrastructure always maximizes user experience and casts the best possible light on you.

  • Marketing, Advertising & Analytics

    Multi-channel, integrated marketing has become the name of the game. Marketing departments’ briefs now typically require fluency in social media, analytics, and user experience (UX), as well as more traditional skills like media planning and events management. Who couldn’t use some help from time to time? The strategic insourcing of marketing expertise is an efficient and cost-effective way to deal with this ever-growing list of demands. From executive level assistance right down to social media specialists, Clarity’s network of consultants can help you fill the gaps and develop your team to meet the challenge.


The Clarity Difference

Clarity is the leading provider of consultant talent to Fortune 500 firms and other large, global organizations. Our consultants provide learning and development, and creative expertise to practically every business category or industry sector that you can think of. Clarity delivers both, on-demand, to help your organization perform at its best. Our learning and development, and creative consultants combine strategic insight with tactical know-how to enable you to keep the momentum moving forward on projects, goals, and initiatives. 

Contact us today at 1-800-330-6558 or visit our website for more information or to chat live with one of our sales associates. 


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