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Enerdynamics was formed in 1995 to meet the growing demand for dynamic and straightforward business training in the gas and electric industries. Our comprehensive education programs are focused on the business of energy. And because we have a firm grasp of what's happening in our industry on both a national and international scale, we can help make sense of a world that often makes no sense at all.

The business of training continues to radically evolve. Both training budgets and the time available for learning are shrinking. Employees are no longer free to be away from their jobs for days at a time. And employers are more firmly than ever focused on results. This changing paradigm led us to develop our curriculum in a variety of training channels. While our core business is still centered on instructor-led classroom training (shared learning experience and ideal for learning critical thinking skills), we've added books and online courses to allow you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate training solutions for you and your organization.

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Training industry strives to provide
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