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For over forty years Integrity Solutions has provided sales, customer service, and coaching solutions to clients in over 120 countries.

Grounded in customer-focused values and ethics, these training solutions utilize a unique training methodology that translates Knowledge into New Behaviors. We maintain an uncompromising commitment to build INTEGRITY into every customer experience.

Our unique methodology builds accountability to develop customer-focused behaviors.  Several factors differentiate Integrity Solutions' offerings from traditional training:

*  Structured Follow-Up & Reinforcement — instead of an event, each course has an 8-week follow-up course and a series of 6-monthly advanced sessions that build accountability for applying concepts on the job

*  Supportive Coaching — corresponding support tools help managers model and coach the behaviors

*  Focus on Attitudes and Skills — the content and learning dynamics stress the importance of attitudes, motives and values in addition to skills

*  Principles-Based Content —values-focused philosophy easily self-customizes to different job roles, levels of experience, and different types of organizations.

*  Hardwiring - series of tools and processes to help HR, Marketing, training and sales leadership cement the concepts into the culture.   

Our most widely-known programs are Integrity Selling, Integrity Coaching, and Integrity Service.  Check out our website.  

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