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PGS Energy Training (PGS) is a leading provider of quality seminars for the electric power and energy industries. Established in 1990, PGS offers on-site training programs, open-registration classroom seminars, live Phone & Web classes, and private education sessions for senior executives.

Our new course is entitled "Beyond Sustainability: Focus on Materiality for Energy Companies."  As sustainability has now risen as a financial corporate issue, the need to be up to speed on changes taking place from the SEC, shareholders, customers, supply chain, and employees is becoming more important. Although ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) seems immaterial, companies in the energy industry are now faced with new risks not only in emissions compliance but also on water. The Volkswagen emissions scandal and the BP oil spill have already highlighting the financial damage to corporate balance sheets in the multi billions of dollars. The new corporate framework is to be ahead of the curve particularly relating to Reg SK (corporate sustainability disclosure) and increased efforts of the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). Financial and sustainability exposures are now one and the same, and shareholders are getting increasingly active in demanding corporate disclosures on these new risks.

Our one day course frames the debate easily by focusing on risk management and offers insights on where the energy industry is going on sustainability. This impacts corporate valuations and reputations as risks to market share.

Peter Fusaro is the best selling author of "What Went Wrong at Enron" and has been an expert witness on various corporate financial proceedings. He has created the first renewable energy project development and finance course at Columbia University, and is a noted authority on corporate sustainability for the energy sector with vast experience as both a policy maker in Washington DC and a corporate executive at two multinational energy companies. 

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