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Small motor carrier owners can't afford to be away from their businesses for two or three days to attend multiple workshops and classes. In-Cab Education provides these entrepreneurs the means to learn business techniques which they can apply immediately to their operations from their computer.
In fact, many Trucking Business Community members who participate in our In-Cab Education continue doing their job while going to class. We have had individuals who fueled; picked up a shipment, delivered or dispatched a load, all while taking a workshop via teleconference.
Another advantage of participating in the In-Cab Education program at the Trucking Business Community at is that you are provided information in small doses, from twenty minutes for audio downloads to two hours for the typical live In-Cab Education workshop via your telephone.
According to Dr. James T. Frakes, Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Dyersburg State Community College, this is a much better learning environment for the small business entrepreneur. Many daylong workshops use the ‘fire-hose’ approach to providing floods of information, whereas the In-Cab Education method provides information and knowledge in digestible sips. The typical day seminar/workshop costs range from $750 up, plus transportation to the city where it is being held, hotel costs and loss of revenue from being either out of your freight lane or out of the office for an extended period of time. Being out of your lane or office could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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