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Elevating Leadership Strengths

Zenger Folkman helps organizations flourish by increasing the effectiveness of leaders at all levels. Our unique, strengths-based development methodology enables leaders to move faster and higher. Each offering is solidly grounded in research, utilizing our extensive empirical database. The end results are statistically significant improvements in how leaders lead, how their employees engage and how their companies profit; allowing both leaders and organizations to soar to new heights.

The Authority in Strengths-Based Leadership Development
Zenger Folkman delivers high-impact leadership development and corporate training programs in all key industries, sectors, and markets in the world. We help our clients boost employee productivity, strengthen employee commitment, and improve bottom-line profitability.

Our strengths-based leadership development programs are built on research gathered from more than 500,000 individual 360-degree assessments. Zenger Folkman training programs are packed with action-oriented information grounded in hard science and proven to increase leadership effectiveness.

Our Vision: Leadership Development That Drives Results
Whether you want to increase employee retention or build profitability, great leadership in an organization matters. At Zenger Folkman, our research suggests leaders are the primary factor behind employee commitment, productivity and loyalty. In addition, these factors impact a company’s bottom-line, meaning leadership, good or bad, can drastically affect an organization’s success.

That’s why Zenger Folkman is dedicated to providing research-proven leadership training programs to companies all over the world, ensuring that their leaders are extraordinary—and drive extraordinary results.

Strengths-Based Leadership Development
Too often, leadership development and training programs focus on what a leader or performer does wrong. At Zenger Folkman, we focus our leadership development programs on building strengths. Our research shows that leaders who create action-oriented development plans to build their strengths, rather than fix weaknesses, are more likely to become GREAT leaders who deliver extraordinary results. These results include:

    • 4.8 times higher profits

    • 70% higher levels of employee engagement and productivity

    • 50% less turnover

    • 40% higher levels of customer satisfaction

Global Reach
Zenger Folkman and our global network of trusted international partners collaborate with organizations worldwide to develop leaders at all levels using our unique strengths-based approach. With our global database of over 50,000 leaders, Zenger Folkman and our partner network have proven that our approach to leadership development is universal and delivers improved business outcomes in all parts of the world.

Zenger Folkman’s thought leaders have written a number of books on all aspects of leadership development. Packed with a pragmatic approach to leadership development and a focus on client and industry needs, Zenger Folkman examines hot-button topics and new ideas.

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From leadership development workshops, our coaching symposium, and annual leadership summit, to our popular monthly webinar series, you can learn leadership development skills directly from our thought leaders, wherever you are.

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