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  • Outsourcing
  • The Facets of a Client-Vendor Relationship

    In your next training outsourcing relationship, pay attention to following areas to reduce a considerable amount of stress and prepare both you and the vendor for unforeseen circumstances.

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  • Canali Collaborates with Cornerstone OnDemand to Implement Tailor-Made Talent Management Solution for its Global Workforce

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  • OmniServ introduces ‘Spreading Smiles’ initiative at Heathrow

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  • TalentGuard Partners with The Center for Competency-Based Learning & Development in the Asia Pacific for Talent Management Solutions

  • Outsourcing
  • Executive Coaches: Finding the Experts Among the Masses

    There are many experts who estimate that well over $1 billion per year is spent on executive coaching in the U.S. No doubt some of this money reaps tremendous results...

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  • Deal Number 4 for Digital Marketing Institute in America this year

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  • Verbling Launches Enterprise Service, Signs Deals With Volkswagen Group and Inditex

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  • Monster Government Solutions Selected to Provide Human Capital and Workforce Development Services to Federal Agencies

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  • NIIT Announces Strategic Initiatives to Drive Leadership in Digital Learning

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  • 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Responsive Learning Management System

    A responsive learning management system (LMS) is an important part of a successful learning program. For learners, it means a seamless, flexible learning experience on any device and at any...

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