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MicroTek Launches Learning Experience Packages for Training Success

CHICAGO, IL. (July 23, 2014) - MicroTek, a global provider of on-demand business training and meeting solutions, announced the release of its new Learning Experience packages as part of its ongoing strategy to provide end-to-end training and event solutions to the marketplace.

CEO Don Slivensky said the packages were developed to maximize learning and value by allowing customers the ability customize training and event experiences that best meet their requirements and objectives.  

“Our Learning Experience packages provide customers the flexibility to customize any learning event or meeting in order maximize knowledge transfer and better meet training goals,” he said.

In addition to flexibility, the MicroTek Learning Experience packages provide training and meeting managers with the ability to mix and match just the right technology, support and amenities to create the perfect environment for learners, while streamlining the selection and administrative process significantly.

“By providing our facilities and support services in customizable bundles, we take the guess work out of creating a successful training event or meeting, allowing the manager to focus on planned objectives,” said MicroTek President Hugh McCullen. “Our packages allow clients to choose the environment, technology, support and amenities that are most critical to meeting their objectives. We are providing environments where both our students and instructors succeed.”

The Learning Experience packages’ launch demonstrates MicroTek as a true end-to-end training solution provider who is invested in their client’s success in meeting planned objectives.

About MicroTek                                                                                                                           Since 1991, MicroTek has been the industry’s leading, single-source provider of training and meeting logistics. With 11 dedicated facilities nationwide and a network of 3,000 additional sites worldwide, MicroTek is equipped to manage and execute any sized training event—anywhere in the world. MicroTek’s end-to-end training and meeting solutions include virtual platforms, event management, courseware management, scheduling and project implementation.

To learn more about MicroTek’s Learning Experience packages, visit or call 1.800.207.9620 to speak with a service representative.

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