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Learning and Training Outsourcing

Today’s human resources and training professionals are challenged with increased expectations and reduced resources. Many factors contribute to the decision to choose a learning and training outsourcing solution as a business strategy.

Learning leaders leverage outsourcing as a means to meet the demands of changing business conditions. Whether your goal is to increase flexibility, improve quality, or to reduce costs, knowing that the services are being expertly managed by a trustworthy partner is critical for success.

Whatever your reasons to outsource your training functions, be assured that GP Strategies has the flexibility to scale our solution to your needs. All while providing cost-effective infrastructure and best-in-class program selection, development, and delivery.

Let GP Strategies help with learning and training outsourcing.

The benefits of a good outsourcing strategy include cost-effectiveness, a greater focus on core business, and access to world class solutions. Training is critical to business—learn how GP Strategies can help.

Training Outsourcing Solutions

GP Strategies offers training outsourcing services that support the full range of your training organization’s needs in areas including knowledge management, learning and content management systems, e-learning development, and training business process outsourcing.

As a global expert in managed learning services, we understand that every company and training organization is different, which is why we develop unique solutions based upon your specific needs. Your strategic objectives may require assistance with learning operations and logistics or vendor management so you can focus on your business goals. Or, you might have the staff to cover those logistics but need help making your tuition program truly world-class.

Whatever your situation, GP Strategies can work with you to identify best practices, develop processes, gain operational flexibility, and build the ideal training outsourcing solution—for you.

Learning Industry Intelligence

Each year, in our ongoing effort to help advance the learning industry, GP Strategies, in conjunction with Training Industry, Inc., undertakes an in-depth market research study on a key issue in the industry. We invite you to download one of the following market research studies and use the learning intelligence you find within it to inspire even greater innovation and client service in your organization:

Visit our website for more information about this research.

Why Choose GP Strategies?

At GP Strategies, we set ourselves apart from other training outsourcing providers through our commitment to providing flexible, superior quality learning solutions that align with your business, cultural, and regional requirements.

Our commitment starts by making sure we understand your business goals as well as you do. It continues with leveraging our world-class expertise, people, and resources. It includes accountability, focus, industry knowledge, and unparalleled buying power.

With GP Strategies on your team, your processes will be simplified and your people will be free to address higher-level objectives. Better yet, you’ll access the flexibility, quality, and cost management you’d expect from a recognized leader in outsourced training services.

GP Strategies’ mission is to improve your performance and competitiveness through the integration of people, processes, and technologies. We accomplish this by providing innovative training and consulting solutions in long-term partnership with our customers. 

Develop a long-term partnership with an expert you can trust.

Here’s what it means to have GP Strategies as a partner:

  • It means we think long-term, but are prepared for changing needs along the way.
  • It means we take a real stake in ensuring the success of your business goals.

Most importantly, it means we value a strong relationship with you, and we take the time to fully understand your organization’s culture and business drivers.

Expect quality every step of the way.

GP Strategies is committed to providing you with quality service and continuous improvement in training outsourcing. We strive for performance excellence by meeting and exceeding service-level agreements and earning your satisfaction with every interaction.

Our processes are ISO-registered and, to further ensure the quality of our services, GP Strategies has received a favorable SAS 70 Type II opinion. Additionally, we have a number of quality systems in place to ensure continuous improvement and world-class service beyond national standards, such as our:

  • Web-based quality system—We house and maintain the resources we need to ensure quality securely online, including job descriptions, procedures, work instructions, and forms.
  • Corrective action reporting—Our quality system is designed to identify and eliminate recurring problems and defects. Each time a problem is encountered, data is collected, a daily report is generated, and the problem is tracked through resolution.
  • Preventive action reporting—Our system is designed to proactively prevent problems from affecting the efficiency and availability of your solution.
  • Performance measures—Performance measures are established, monitored daily, and reported to you on a regular basis. The service-level agreements measured include quality, delivery, cost, and customer satisfaction. 

Access flexible solutions that change as your needs change.

Our depth of capabilities and willingness to serve your needs enable you to choose the learning and development services you require at any given time. Plus, we develop our solutions with flexibility in mind, so if your needs change over time, you’re not locked into a solution. You can count on GP Strategies to:

  • Optimize your flexibility—GP Strategies offers multiple outsourcing models to ensure that our solution aligns to your business.
  • Scale your solution as your company grows—With a large staff of professionals in strategically located offices, there is no limit to where—or how much—GP Strategies can help you grow.
  • Transform your business—The best-in-class expertise, processes, and systems provided by GP Strategies can help you not only to concentrate on the factors that make you more profitable today, but to strategize on expanding your business further in the future.
  • Simplify the outsourcing process—Customer care is the top priority for GP Strategies. We provide one point of contact for your project. We consolidate all your vendor invoices into one invoice. And we provide a call center to handle all of your learners’ needs.

Contain costs while increasing value.

Over the years, GP Strategies has formed strong relationships with partners who supply technology, courseware, and learning services. Those relationships give us increased buying power and we’re able to further leverage those investments in people, processes, and technology across all the companies we serve.

In addition, since training is our company’s core competency, we stay up-to-date with industry news, research trends, best practices, and other information, ensuring greater value and innovation in every solution we deliver. Count on GP Strategies to:

  • Reduce your operating costs—Compared to in-house training departments, our lower cost structure results from a company-wide specialization in training; the economies of scale that come from our buying power; and our ability to leverage our investments in people, processes, and technology across all companies we serve.
  • Minimize your risks—Since our investments in technologies are shared across our entire enterprise of clients, you’re assured of a more cost-effective solution. And since training is all we do, we keep up to the minute with industry news, trends, best practices, and other pertinent information needed to supply an effective and, in applicable cases, compliant solution.
  • Access global buying power—Over the years, GP Strategies has formed strong relationships with partners who supply technology and courseware. These relationships not only result in lowered costs to you, but they also ensure that your technology is proven and appropriate to meet your needs. 

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