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2009TOTop20smallThe Training Outsourcing Community of frequently reviews companies that provide training business process outsourcing (BPO) services and conducts assessments to determine suppliers' experience and capabilities. As part of our commitment to the industry and service to our community members, prepares an annual list of "Top 20 Training Outsourcing Companies" to help buy-side organizations searching for the right training partner.

The 'Top 20' list recognizes the leading training outsourcing companies for their high quality of services and comprehensive capabilities. All have demonstrated expertise and experience in managing major BPO engagements as well as creating a significant impact on the industry. The primary goal for publishing this prestigious list is to provide corporate, government, and training executives with a directory of highly qualified, successful, and proven training partners. The list should help buy-side companies make informed decisions and improve the costs and quality of learning services that they procure.

Selection to this year's "Top 20 Training Outsourcing Companies " was based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to the training outsourcing industry
  • Industry recognition and innovation
  • Talent of corporate leadership and professional staff
  • Experience in managing multi-year training business process outsourcing (BPO) engagements
  • Capability to deliver multiple types of BPO training services
  • Revenue generated or company size
  • Potential for growth in training BPO services
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Demonstrated leadership in shaping the training outsourcing industry

The 'Top 20' list includes those leaders in the training industry that have demonstrated experience and excellence in providing learning BPO services to a variety of clients.

Because of the diversity of services included in training outsourcing engagements, no attempt is made to rank the ‘Top 20’.

You may click on the company logo or name for more information on any of the organizations or you many click on the “contact” name to send an email to the designated company representative.

(Note:  NIIT & Element K are one corporation but are listed separately resulting in the list of 21 company names)

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