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The Pajama Effect: Skills for Succeeding in the Virtual Workplace

  • Time: 12:00 PM EST

    The Pajama Effect: Skills for Succeeding in the Virtual Workplace

    More than 40 percent of the workforce works from home at least two days a week. Nearly 4.5 million college students will take at least one course online this year. Every worker that telecommutes saves the company $20,000 a year. The number of online classes, degrees and programs is exploding. Virtual worlds, virtual learning environments, a multitude of social media and distance learning platforms have given us the ability to work and learn virtually. Whether on a virtual team or solo, succeeding in the virtual world requires a different set of skills.

    Join us for this free webinar, sponsored by La Salle University. Your host, Dr. Bobbe Baggio, introduces you to the Pajama Effect. The Pajama Effect takes a look at how the virtual environment is different and what skills virtual workers and learners need to optimize performance, to be happy and to be very successful including: practicing inspiration, aligning connections, joining business with pleasure, awakening to virtual time, managing distractions, agreeing to be flexible and setting boundaries.

    During this interactive webinar, Dr. Baggio provides easy-to-understand insights on:

    • Recognizing that certain psychological and behavioral skills are necessary to be successful.
    • Establishing the characteristics of the virtual workplace.
    • Determining your strengths & weaknesses and what you can do to be successful and help others succeed working in a virtual environment.
    • Developing practical approaches to assure success.

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