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  • Machine Learning

    Computers can process large amounts of data much more quickly than people can, making machine learning more efficient than human decision-making in many situations, including some aspects of corporate training
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  • Certificates, Certifications and Licenses

    Certificates, certifications and licenses are terms that are often confused, but there are important distinctions.
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  • Training Industry Associations

    An overview of industry associations for training, instructional design, performance improvement, and learning and development professionals, which focus on furthering the profession or the interests of individuals and organizations in...
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  • Adaptive Learning

    In today’s highly diverse and multigenerational workforce, the challenge isn’t about how to offer learning programs to employees, but rather what types of learning programs to offer and how best...
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  • Certifications for Training Professionals

    There are specialized certifications for training, learning and development professionals who are seeking ways to increase business performance through innovative and collaborative training methods.
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  • Learning Technologies

    The learning technologies term refers to the growing array of software tools, applications, systems and platforms that are used for the purpose of administering, authoring and delivering learning, as well...
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  • Forgetting Curve

    Training professionals have for many years, dealt with the challenge of improving the learners’ retention after they leave the classroom or online training experience.
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  • Training Diagnostics

    Training diagnostics is the process of examining and evaluating training and organizational performance through systematic assessments, analysis and data collection. Typically conducted by training professionals, the function is considered a...
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  • Training Alignment

    Training alignment is a process of prioritizing the goals and missions of an organization’s training activities around the business needs of the enterprise, and ensuring that learning helps drive business...
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  • Bring Your Own Device

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to the policy or practice of allowing learners to bring their own personal mobile devices – laptops, mobile phones and tablets – to work...

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