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  • Competitive Differentiators Model

    All suppliers have varying capabilities. None are the same. The Competitive Differentiators Model was created to assist buyers with recognizing and choosing suppliers based on their differentiating capabilities and attributes...
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  • Size of Training Industry

    An overview of domestic and global spending for the training industry, compiled using internal research and economic data.
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  • The Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing

    The Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing of Training Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) identifies each of the stages involved in sourcing training services and illustrates the order in which they should...
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  • Training Supplier Classification Model

    The Training Supplier Classification Model classifies vendors of training products and services based on the breadth and depth of their capabilities and business attributes. The model is designed to assist...
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  • Experience API (Tin Can API)

    Formerly referred to as the Tin Can API, the Experience API is the next generation standard of SCORM. Tin Can APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are standards which define how informal...
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  • Learning Portal Architecture

    The Learning Portal Architecture is a tool designed to help learning leaders understand the technological components involved in a learning portal, and how they interact to create a customized experience...
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  • Portfolio Rationalization Four Quadrant Model

    The Portfolio Rationalization Four Quadrant Model is designed to help training organizations determine which courses are effective and relevant to their training needs and which courses should be eliminated.
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  • Process Sourcing Analysis Four Quadrant Model

    The Process Sourcing Analysis Four Quadrant Model is a tool for buyer side companies to evaluate which processes they should source, based on their level of strategic importance to the...

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