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  • Leadership
  • 3 Ways to Live Your Leadership Legacy

    All leaders make results happen through their unique mix of attention and preferences. Here are three helpful tips to help you live your leadership legacy.

  • Article
  • Teaching Styles: The Three Ds

    Using the right mix of teaching styles, trainers can help employees learn, grow and become more independent.

  • Leadership
  • The Surprising Deficiencies of Some High-Potential Leaders

    The high potentials in an organization can make a significant difference – but only if key criteria are sufficiently met.

  • Article
  • Talent 101: 6 Phases of the Employee Life Cycle

    You can have talent, but it can’t perform to its fullest without being part of an organization; you can also have an organization in place, but it can’t run well...

  • Sales
  • How L&D Can Positively Impact Sales Results: Training Guidelines for Sales Coaches

    Coaching impacts sales performance, and although sales organizations provide coaching training to their managers, the result is not always more coaching by those managers.

  • Content Development
  • 70-20-10 Challenges: Implementing User-Generated Learning

    User-generated learning is all about sharing knowledge. When implemented correctly, it can be an extremely powerful extra asset to your company.

  • Content Development
  • 5 Essentials of Effective Corporate Training for Millennials

    Millennials are poised to be a powerful driver of the economy in the future. It’s essential to train them effectively with special attention to their unique characteristics.

  • Leadership
  • Pause and Inquire: The Core of Leadership Training

    Without a well-honed ability to pause and inquire, leaders are unlikely to grow and, in worst-case scenarios, may damage their careers and their companies.

  • IT Training
  • 5 Traps in the Transition From Project Manager to Scrum Master

    With more and more companies adopting agile development, project managers are being thrown into new roles, including the “scrum master.”

  • Learning Technologies
  • 3 Reasons the LMS Is Failing the Modern Learner

    “Knowledge is power,” but knowledge only works if you get it into the right hands and if those hands can access it when they need it most. So why train...

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