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  • Workforce Development
  • Is This Working? You Don’t Know Unless You Ask

    In the world of talent development, return on investment is often questioned. This is particularly true of “soft skills,” which on one hand constitutes the essential non-functional/non-technical competencies that affect...

  • Content Development
  • Training Evaluation: Knowing What to Measure

    The evaluation of training programs has long been considered one of the critical components of the ADDIE process. Typically though, training evaluations at best measure learning, with no measure of...

  • Content Development
  • Learning Trends Provide Better Business Results in 2015

    As learning and development people, we are always looking to stay on top of the industry. We brainstorm, share articles, talk over ideas and collaborate to find the best techniques...

  • Sales
  • eBook: Fleeing the Tension…And Other Sales Negotiation Mistakes that Kill Deal Profitability

    eBook: Fleeing the Tension…And Other Sales Negotiation Mistakes that Kill Deal Profitability Summary of Content: Are your team’s seemingly small discount concessions doing major hidden damage to your profit margins? You’ve undoubtedly...

  • Leadership
  • What’s the Temperature Of Your Relationships?

    Have you ever thought about how your relationships with people impact your ability to meet your goals, both personal and professional? Sometimes the relationship that two people have with one...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Can Gamification Help Give E-Learners Total Recall?

    One of the biggest problems that e-learning content creators must overcome is lack of learner recall. If e-learners walk away from a system with poor levels of recall and limited...

  • Learning Technologies
  • Build Successful Corporate E-Learning Programs

    Explore online training trends and the features, benefits and results of engaging video-based...

  • Workforce Development
  • Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is

    It’s tough to get much return on investment these days. Margins are tight and competition is tough. So the recommendation to invest in customer service, is often met with, “Yes,...

  • Content Development
  • Do Presentation Skills Matter?

    Do you dislike or fear having to make a presentation? You are not alone. Many business people find that making a presentation is an uncomfortable and unnatural experience – one...

  • Leadership
  • Six Checkpoints to Boost Leadership Breakthroughs

    When was the last time you had a breakthrough? When have you overcome a large obstacle or made an important discovery that pushed you to a new level? Breakthroughs are...

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