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  • Sales
  • The High-Impact Sales Manager

    In “The High-Impact Sales Manager,” you’ll learn how to transcend the daily grind and unlock the full potential of your sales...

  • Content Development
  • Taking Learning Beyond Smile Sheets

    Over the last decade or so, HR has seen a significant shift in its positioning. With the emergence of the knowledge economy, the importance of people as a key element...

  • Workforce Development
  • Big Data: Why Measuring Employee Knowledge is Critical for Understanding How to Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

    Everybody’s talking about big data these days. The popular buzzword has been subject to a variety of interpretations, but no matter how you define it, one thing is certain: To...

  • Leadership
  • 9 Leadership Tips from the Greats

    Business people don’t often turn to classic authors for leadership advice. But they should. Timeless works of literature, history, and philosophy may speak of ages past, but their concerns are...

  • IT Training
  • Driving Process Change with Acceleration Workshops

    It can be frustrating to want to improve the way organizations function because of the struggle to drive sustained...

  • Content Development
  • 7 Tips for Training-Sensitive Subject Matter Online

    Training-sensitive subject matter can be tricky, and taking it online without a facilitator to provide context and answer questions and the challenge is even greater. Sensitive subject matter includes matters...

  • E-Learning
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your E-Learning Programs

    For every HR professional with a keen understanding of the value of effective e-learning on employee output and engagement, there is an accountant eager to compress the entire program into...

  • Workforce Development
  • Managing Labor Costs and Compliance

    Two top priorities for any company need to be keeping labor costs in check, as well as ensuring compliance with all labor and other business laws. While you can't get...

  • Learning Technologies
  • The Inevitability of E-Training for Multinational Organizations

    The modern-day multinational simply cannot ignore online training anymore. Of course, impact varies across sectors and organizations, but on an international level, the benefits far outweigh conventional training. Let’s have...

  • Sales
  • Make a Splash by Pushing New Sales Hires into the Deep End

    Summer is approaching and new salespeople are anxious to jump in the pool and swim! But will they sink? The best salespeople want to be in the pool already and...

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