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  • Leadership
  • From Where Do You Lead

    Many leadership gurus declare the old styles of top-down leadership are ineffective in today’s business climate. The creativity and innovation...

  • Industry News
  • Training Spend an Economic Indicator?

    The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index uses 10 data elements as leading indicators for the purpose of forecasting future economic...

  • Coaching
  • The King's Speech

    It’s Oscar time in Hollywood and one film that is certain to garner some awards is The King’s Speech, a...

  • Coaching
  • Successful Physician Alignment

    Please be patient and bear with me! I promise to discuss how the business coaching of physicians leads to successful...

  • Coaching
  • What is really meant by “Coaching?”

    Coaching is now a buzz word attached to just about every form of professional development. There are executive coaches, life...

  • Leadership
  • When Helping Employees Hurts Performance

    Recently a very frustrated client of mine complained, “I tried my hardest to help my team. They just don’t get...

  • E-Learning
  • The Healthcare Crossword Puzzle

    In my 35 year career in healthcare, I always thought of healthcare as a crossword puzzle, albeit, a crossword puzzle...

  • Leadership
  • Shakespeare on Leadership: Othello and the Need for Openness and Trust

    The dramatic plays of William Shakespeare read like case studies in leadership mistakes and organizational dysfunction. Whether it’s Macbeth and...


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