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  • Leadership
  • Clouds Above, Fog Below

    When an organizational change initiative requires new technology, it is easy to focus on the technology at the expense of...

  • Leadership
  • Playing Your Position: Hurricane Sandy and the Real Reason Training Doesn’t Have a Seat at the Table

    It’s almost impossible to attend a training conference, read a training magazine, participate in a training-based discussion thread, or even...

  • Leadership
  • Closing the Training Value Gap with Agile

    In October of 2007, I co-authored an article for Training Industry, Inc. titled "The Training Value Gap." The thesis of...

  • Content Development
  • More Seats at the Table

    Instructional designers are accustomed to working with subject matter experts and business unit management. What about working with other groups...

  • Workforce Development
  • New Providers of Data Collection and Analysis of Online Job Ads in Real-Time May be Helping Community Colleges Create Better Curricula

    A new term was recently added to my lexicon: “real-time labor market data.” It came from research I am conducting...


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