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  • Leadership
  • How to Prepare Executives for International Assignments

    The globalization of business has made it essential for many organizations to conduct their activities on an international scale.

  • Should Loyalty Be the New Measure of Training ROI?

    Perhaps now is the time for training professionals to borrow a saying from Steve Jobs and “think different” about how...

  • Content Development
  • The Inclusive Training Model for Training Retention

    Inclusive training focuses on the three major training stakeholders, trainer, employee and business leader and their roles during the three...

  • Professional Education
  • The Elevator Pitch for Trainers

    The conversation that began with Kirkpatrick and continues with Phillips takes place at virtually every training conference, is represented as...

  • Content Development
  • The Dollars and Sense of Extending Employee Training to Customers

    What if, rather than attempting to communicate an indirect relationship between employee training and corporate profits, learning leaders focused more...

  • Coaching
  • Use Agile Learning Design to Align Training Programs with Business Objectives

    One of the challenges that training professionals continue to face is how to align their learning programs with business objectives...

  • Coaching
  • Agile Training Equals Strategic Training

    Strategic training has been defined as one that aligns a company’s objectives with everyday training needs. It is a comprehensive...

  • Technologies
  • Why Trainers Should Use Agile

    In October 2007, I co-authored an article for Training Industry Inc. titled, “The Training Value Gap.”

  • Technologies
  • Demonstrating Training’s Value

    Learning leaders remain divided about the correct way to demonstrate the business impact that learning has on a larger organization

  • Technologies
  • The Need For A New Approach to Measuring Training’s Impact

    Industry leaders appear to be divided about the correct way to address the need for training professionals to communicate the...


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