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Doing the ACA Part 1

  • Doing the ACA Part 1

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare is here to stay and it's time to begin "Doing The ACA." So, get up off the couch, grab your partners and strut on up to the dance floor.  But before you do, make sure you have vetted your partners’ capabilities to do the steps to this dance. In this blog, we will discuss what qualities physicians should look for in a partner. In subsequent blogs, we will discuss the steps of the ACA dance. 

For physicians, there are three choices of partners: physician colleagues, healthcare delivery systems and patients. In conjunction with strong clinical skills, the predominant capability required for partnering is an excellent communication skill set. The physician colleague's ability to communicate effectively with other healthcare teammates will lead to a decrease in preventable medical injuries and deaths, as well as a better work environment; both result in improved career satisfaction with decreased staff turnover. 1,2 A high level of communication within the healthcare delivery system is vital for sharing and analyzing the data critical for the efficiencies necessary to institute the best practices needed to dance to the latest healthcare reform melody.3 The last choice of dance partner, the patient, is where effective communication is most vital - and herein lies the conundrum, because for the patient to clearly communicate with his or her physician, the physician must communicate in a cogent and caring manner to build patient trust.  With trust, physicians will experience improved success of patient medical outcomes and glide effortlessly across the dance floor, "Doing the ACA!" 4



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About the Author

Dr. Michael G. Cassatly

Dr. Cassatly is a Certified Executive Business Coach, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and President of MedAchieve. After 25 years as a founding partner in a highly successful multi-office/multi-doctor surgery practice, Dr. Cassatly earned graduate business coaching certification from Columbia University in New York. He subsequently founded MedAchieve, a professional coaching firm focused on helping healthcare practitioners and organizations maximize their potential. His experience as a surgeon provides a unique professional connection to client medical practitioners who share his passion for making the practice of medicine fulfilling and meaningful. He works with physicians, healthcare companies and medical educational institutions nationwide. Through quality improvement initiatives, including improved patient-physician communications, transcultural competency education, teamwork and streamlined strategic planning, clients experience improved medical outcomes, decreased medical liability, more satisfying and less stressful workplaces. Dr. Cassatly’s articles are published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, International Journal of Coaching in Organization, The Hospitalist, AAOMS Practice Management Notes and Coaching World.  His chapter on The Transformative Shift in Healthcare Compels Coaching will appear in Columbia University’s Coaching in the Workplace in November 2012.  Dr. Cassatly has been cited in Becker’s Hospital Review, Physician’s Practice, Executive Insight on Healthcare and Becker’s ASC.  His blog appears monthly on  Dr. Cassatly’s passion of empowering individuals extends beyond healthcare.  He is the board member of the Mama Ada Foundation, responsible for developing and implementing micro finance programs in the Rift Valley of Western Kenya.   To learn more about Dr. Michael Cassatly and MedAchieve, visit Michael is affiliated with The Pyramid Resource Group, a corporate coaching company and creator of the Team Advantage.

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