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KnowledgeNet is Back!

(Phoenix, AZ)  A trusted name in the Live Online Learning world is coming back!  Known for its revolutionary web-based training platform, KnowledgeNet began in 1998, and later served as the inspiration for the company known as The Training Consortium.  Today, KnowledgeNet makes its ‘return’ as TTC announced it had acquired the rights to the retired corporate brand. 

“The long and short of it is that The Training Consortium had outgrown its name”, explained Rob Johnson, partner at KnowledgeNet.  “Our company was initially created to support KnowledgeNet and its products, so it’s no coincidence that we share the same guiding principles – innovation, service performance, and exceptional value for our customers.”  Johnson says that while brainstorming new company name ideas that were more reflective of their future goals, “KnowledgeNet” kept coming to the top.  “The name was available, so with the blessing of the original organization, we’re proud to continue carrying on the tradition of quality learning and customer support through our existing distribution channels.”  

The original KnowledgeNet pioneered Virtual Live Learning for Information Technology professionals and has a reputation for being best in class.  A recent survey of The Training Consortium’s Live Learning customers found they preferred this online education tool to traditional, in-person classroom settings.  An impressive 92% of people who took part in the KnowledgeNet Live Learning products passed their certification exams on the first attempt.  “Statistics like this demonstrate, in a very measurable way, the benefits of Virtual Live Learning as a business development tool” says Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House for and member of KnowledgeNet’s Advisory Board of Directors. “No matter if its organizations seeking real-world solutions for their IT infrastructure, or individuals looking for industry certification and professional development, customers have come to rely on KnowledgeNet as their partner in achieving success”.  

With more than 6,000 corporate and public clients throughout North America, Johnson emphasized that the only thing changing at The Training Consortium is the name.   “One thing will never change – our commitment to providing exceptional, customer-focused service, and the best live learning product available at any price.” 

KnowledgeNet is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and can be found on the Web at To learn more about the company and to arrange for an interview, please contact Ron Meritt at PRfect Media, (480) 706-6880, X 121, or via cell, (480) 225-0722. 

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