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  • Managed mLearning: Raytheon takes mobile learning to a new generation

The term mLearning, or mobile learning, refers to the use of a mobile device such as an iPod, BlackBerry, PDA, or smart phone in the delivery of training. The phrase Managed mLearning™ represents the evolution of mLearning that RPS has enabled through several key improvements to the distribution, management, tracking and security of mobile content that make mLearning a more robust and viable part of a blended learning solution. These improvements are based on the experience that we gained as we implemented mLearning within RPS and realized how difficult it was to implement, track and secure mLearning solutions. We noticed several challenges. First, we noticed that our employees had difficulty getting content onto their devices. Second, we also discovered that we had no way of tracking whether these employees accessed the assigned content, completed the assigned content or comprehended the material. We felt that it was important for us to fix these issues so that our mLearning solutions could be successfully implemented, used and maintained.

We solved these issues through the introduction of Managed mLearning™.  With Managed mLearning™, the distribution of mLearning content has been made easy and seamless. Assigned content is “pushed” over-the-air to a learner’s mobile device without any manual intervention on their part. Managed mLearning™ can now deliver content to a learner anytime, anywhere and they no longer have to be tethered to their PC as they follow a complicated manual content download process.

With Managed mLearning™, content is easily managed on the learner’s device and by the training organization. Our solution provides each learner with a personal mLearning dashboard on their device that manages and organizes all the mLearning content that is “pushed” to their device. The mLearning dashboard organizes their content into assignment lists, play-lists and learning paths making it easy for the learner to know what content they need to take, what content they have completed and even what new content has arrived. From the perspective of the training organization, you control what content is assigned and pushed to each learner ensuring their content is personalized to them by their role, department, project or even community of interest. Most importantly, each learner only receives the content that they need and not the content that they do not need or should not see. Lastly, Managed mLearning™ also allows for easy version control. Just as assigned content can be pushed to each learner’s device, it can also be “pulled” off their device if a newer version of the content is available making content management easy for the training organization as well.

With Managed mLearning™, mLearning content is now trackable and reportable back to the LMS platform. Every interaction a learner has with content that they received in their personalized mLearning dashboard is trackable. They can now bookmark content as they take it. As they progress through the content, their completion status is tracked. Assessments can also be delivered through the device to determine if they comprehended the material. All of this interaction data, including course completion and assessment scores, can be synchronized back to the LMS to update each learner’s course history transcript. Because Managed mLearning™ reports this data to the LMS, return-on-investment for mLearning projects can be reported for the first time. This trackability also opens up the aperture of possible uses for mLearning in a blended solution. With trackability, mLearning can now be a part of a required training path, a certification or a compliance track. For example, it can be an option for the delivery of annual diversity or ethics training where it is critical that each course completion and assessment results for each learner are tracked and reported in the LMS for compliance.

Managed mLearning™ also makes mLearning content more secure. Content on the device is stored on a small memory card installed in the device. When content is stored on this card, it is vulnerable because that card can easily be removed from one device and installed in a different device. This could allow the user of the other device to see the content that was stored on that memory card. This lack of security makes some of our clients nervous because it potentially puts at risk company-sensitive information. Managed mLearning fixes this issue through the introduction of content encryption. In our solution, content is encrypted both as it is pushed to the device and as it is stored on the device’s memory card. With this encryption in place, one user cannot see any content stored on someone else’s device memory card.

The improvements that RPS has incorporated into our Managed mLearning™ solution have evolved mLearning into its next generation. Making mLearning content easier to distribute, manage, track and secure makes Managed mLearning™ solutions more robust and a more viable component of an overall blended curriculum.

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