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  • Tone At The Top: Leading Change In Health CarePDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Local pianist, composer and recording artist Kevin Asbjornson recently described the difference between the "tune" and "tone" of a piano. The correlation to leading change is...…
  • Stemming the Retirement Tide at East Alabama Medical CenterExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    It seems like you can't flip through a business magazine these days without reading headlines about the importance of high-quality senior leaders-and how difficult it is to find them. Last month, FORTUNE's cover story delved into "How to be a ...…
  • Healthier solutionsExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    The future of healthcare is one of the most pressing global issues of our time. Just look at the impact HIV/Aids has had in Africa, where the average life expectancy has plummeted. Or think of the rapid increase of mortality...…
  • IT Adoption: The rules of the game must changeExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Rules dictate the way in which a game is played. In a work-related environment, the "rules" we use to operate and make decisions have evolved from an enduring system of incentives and rewards that reinforce how things get...…
  • Hospital likes mobile solution's integrated clinical informationPDF Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    The "MercuryMD" package, a mobile software solution offered by Thomson Healthcare, gets positive reviews from physicians at one hospital that started using it in December 2006. They say it gives them easier access to patient data while also increasing the...…
  • Serious GamingExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Early one morning, a 911 caller reported an incident at a local shopping mall. The county HAZMAT team responded to what was discovered to be a chlorine gas attack on the mall. This first responder team managed to evacuate the...…
  • Simulation Lab Tansforms Nurse TrainingExternal Link

    Training Industry Content Item
    Nursing students at the Carolinas College of Health Sciences are tending to a new kind of patient. With the help of high-fidelity mannequins in a simulation lab that mirrors an actual hospital room, nursery, or surgical room, students are benefiting from...…

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